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Group Health Insurance (employer sponsored health plans) is an important benefit for all sized companies.  It is used to enure that companies attract and retain the highest quality employees.  Zucker and Associates has access to many competitive products to offer great benefits at an affordable cost.

Our staff specializes in finding the right plan for your needs.  We are here to help both you and your employees know how to best utilize the benefits of your particular plan.  We parter with multiple carriers so that you can work with one agent for all your employee benefits.  Whether you are a small employer looking for a fully funded plan to a large employer wanting to explore hyour self funded options —- Zucker and Associates can work with you to find the right plan.  We also help with supplemental plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, Cafeteria Plans (125 Plans) and retirement plans.

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How can you find the right plan, carrier and price for your needs?  Simple–work with an agent who can guide you through an array of plan designs and medical underwriting.   Zucker and Associates can assist you with finding the right health insurance policy.  Our agents will work directly with you to find the right plan to suit your needs.

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Chances are, you need life insurance.

It might be a difficult subject, but “How will your family manage financially if you die?”   It’s an important question and one that you need to plan for NOW… There are many types of insurance products to choose from…whether it’s term, universal life, return or premium or whole life.. life insurance will pay cash to your loved ones after your death.  It will help your family stay in their hoe, pay off loans, cover daily living expenses, or pay for college tuition.  And, the death benefit of a life insurane policty is almost never subject to federal income taxes.

At Zucker and Associates, we have an extensive line of life insurance companies and products to help you find the right protection for your family– within your budget.  Our agents can explain the detail of each type of product and help you determine which one best suits your needs.

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